VIDEO: It’s a ‘miracle’ no–one was killed in Matlock shop smash

The owner of a Matlock shop has said it was a miracle no–one was killed after a car smashed into the centre of the store today.

The Lexus vehicle caused destruction at Kick Off Sport, in Firs Parade, when it drove head-on through the window of the store at around 1.45pm.

Store owner Rob Lowe said: “There was a bang when it hit the front. It all happened so fast.

“Luckily the people in the shop were at the back and the car must have been put in the wrong gear and just completely cleaned out the shop.

“No-one was injured. It’s an absolute miracle no–one was killed.”

The car went into the shop with such force that it drove all the way through to the back wall.

The fire service was called to help remove the vehicle, and paramedics were on scene to assist the driver. Rob said the driver was shaken up following the accident.

“He wasn’t in a good place,” he said.

The shop, which has been in Firs Parade for four years, is likely to be closed until after Christmas now while it is cleaned up. Rob is currently in talks with his insurance company about the damage.

“Firs Parade is a strange road for parking,” he added and suggested bollards could be put up to prevent this sort of thing happening again.

To view a video of the crash site, click on the link above.