VIDEO: Lagoon dyed black to deter swimmers

The serene-looking waters of the Blue Lagoon have been dyed black in an attempt to make them look less inviting to people who may try to swim in them.

High Peak Borough Council put black dye in the water at Hoffman Quarry in a measure that has captured the attention of the national media.

The new look for the notorious blue lagoon

The new look for the notorious blue lagoon

The bizarre tourist attraction, in Harpur Hill, has been causing a major problem for police, residents and councillors for several years, as large numbers of visitors flock to it to swim in the blue waters. However the water gets its colour from chemical pollution and contains abandoned cars, litter and even dead animals.

Leader of the borough council Caitlin Bisknell, said: “The lagoon is completely unsuitable for bathing and swimming in – it has a PH level similar to bleach, is extremely cold and contains hazards including vehicles, discarded machinery and other items.”

She said the council had decided to make the lagoon less visually appealing in the hope of discouraging swimmers.

“The early evidence suggests that it might be having the desired effect and we’ll continue to monitor it over the coming months,” she added.

The council has also issued the landowner with an enforcement notice, demanding they take action.

Cllr Bisknell said: “I am pleased that at last some progress seems to be being made. Residents have put up with a lot of disruption and abuse from visitors to Hoffman Quarry in recent years.

“I understand that so far this year there have been fewer visitors and those that have turned up have not stayed very long, quite possibly because the water has been discoloured and no longer looks so inviting.

“By serving an enforcement notice we have forced the owners out into the open and I hope they will be good to their word and work with residents, councils and other agencies. This is a significant step forward and I hope it will lead to a permanent solution.”