VIDEO: Water spectacular at Chatsworth this half-term

Chatsworth Emperor fountain turned upto 200ft.
Chatsworth Emperor fountain turned upto 200ft.

Derbyshire’s stunning stately home Chatsworth is hosting a water spectacular this half-term week.

The event, which runs until May 31, will see Chatsworth’s water features played in all their original glory, with the Emperor fountain reaching the incredible height of 200 feet - the equivalent of 14 double decker buses.

And as well as the Emperor fountain - named after Tsar Nicholas I Emperor of Russia ahead of a visit that never took place - visitors will also be able to enjoy the impressive site of water tumbling over the roof of the Cascade house before it flows over the stone slabs created to mimic the sound of music.

In addition, visitors can look for the Willow Tree Fountain, which was originally designed as a practical joke, and often catches people out with its spurts of water.

Free waterworks tours will take place five times a day, starting from the Cascade house and culminating in a countdown as a member of the public is invited to turn up the Emperor fountain to its full 200 feet, more than double it’s usual height of 75 feet.

Chatsworth’s Paul Hayes said: “These water features rarely get played to this level, the last time we had them all on was for the Queen’s visit last year. It’s an amazing opportunity to see them in their full glory as they were originally intended to be viewed.

“To give an idea of how impressive the plume from the Emperor Fountain will be, it’s likely spray can be felt in the car park if the wind blows in the right direction.”

Families enjoying the half-term can also enjoy themed activities in the Stickyard, a new educational space in the garden.

Musical entertainment, face painting and shire horse and dray rides are also among the fun on offer.