Views sought over jubilee tree plan

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There’s nothing permanent in Matlock that celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Not yet, anyway - but Matlock Civic Association and the Matlock Town Council want to change that.

They’ve commissioned designs for a Jubilee Tree sculpture in the open space in front of the Post Office on Matlock’s Bank Road. 
The theme of the proposed sculpture is ‘The Meeting Place by the Oak Tree’, which is the original meaning behind the name ‘Matlock’.
Ken Parker of the Matlock Civic Association says “The Jubilee Tree would be an attractive new feature in our town, and a permanent reminder of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. We’d love to be able to unveil this on 2nd June 2013 - – the 60th anniversary of the coronation”.
Matlock Town Council is interested in supporting this scheme, but wants to know if the public thinks it’s a good use of money and which design they prefer.
Matlock Town Councillor David Jones said: “This is a special occasion, and this is a special project. It’s an opportunity to create what we hope will be a popular addition to the tow– but we need to know what people think of the project.
“If there’s popular support for it, we’re proposing to put in £5,000 towards the cost of the project. And we want to know which of the designs people like best – so please tell us.”
There are three alternative shortlisted designs. Details of all of them can be seen in an exhibition in the foyer of the Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, from December 3 to 21 and are on the Matlock Town Council website from December 3.