Village school placed in special measures

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An action plan is in place after a village school was put into special measures by education watchdogs.

Ofsted inspectors have told Inkersall Primary School to improve the quality of teaching, the behaviour, safety and achievement of pupils and management.

Staff and governors are already working with Derbyshire County Council to raise standards.

Headteacher Jean Butterfield said: “We are disappointed to be in special measures but we’re confident that the issues raised in the report can be addressed quickly so all our pupils get the best possible education.”

Chair of governors Eileen Bingham said: “We have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to make the improvements we want and are dedicated to making sure that changes happen swiftly and effectively.

“We’ve looked closely at the points raised by the report and will do everything necessary to improve standards.”

The action plan includes providing more support for disabled pupils, increasing the accuracy of teachers’ assessments and ensuring that youngsters’ progress is rigorously tracked and analysed.

Councillor Jim Coyle, the county council’s deputy cabinet member for children and young people, said: “It’s always a difficult time for parents and staff when a school is placed in special measures.

“Our education advisors will be working closely with the school to help support them in their work in following the report’s recommendations.”

Three Ofsted inspectors visited the Inkersall Green Road school in February.

They highlighted a number of positives about the school in their report, including:

• Pupils are polite and courteous to adults and to each other

• Pupils generally take pride in the presentation of their work

• There has been a reduction in the number of pupils who have previously been persistently absent

• Pupils learn how to keep themselves safe

• New teachers have joined the school to help strengthen teaching and leadership and management

See the report at www.ofsted.gov.uk