Vital questions that must be answered

On February 27, the Dales District Council is going to hold its “consultation” on the future of the Bakewell Road site.

When the councillors met five months ago, the Tory majority approved a developer who had put in detailed plans for a Morrisons supermarket, shops and a tiny amount of public space. When there was a storm of protest, the same councillors said they had only ever wanted to hold a consultation. Five months later we, the public, are now able to attend the first public consultation. Perhaps it would helpful if we asked ten preliminary questions of Matlock’s Tory councillors to help them prepare for the meeting

Why has it taken five months to organise this meeting?

What contacts have there been with Matlock Town Council and other local bodies such as Totally Locally and the Matlock Civic Association?

What contacts have there been with their chosen developer and with any other interested commercial parties?

Should the future of the Coop be ensured as a leader of Fairtrade in Matlock?

What is the status of the Matlock Supplementary Planning Document?

What new public space do the councillors want to see?

Do they want new public buildings such as a new library as part of the development?

What should the plan be doing for young people?

How will they ensure that the same old proposals aren’t bounced through in the face of local opposition?

What further steps will be taken to consult?

I look forward to meeting our representatives - but I do hope they don’t hide behind an artificial web of officialdom.

Mick Murray, Matlock