Walkers need better signposts

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I recently went on a walk along the A6 towards Matlock, on the public footpath next to the railway line.

It was very pleasant, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself, until I came to just over the bridge over the river.

There was then no signposts on where to go next.

I saw a gate which wasn’t locked and led in the direction I wanted to go, I went through the gate to be faced with a derelict quarry with still no signs. I could see from the ground people had walked here a lot so I carried on, but found myself having to dart over the train line onto the station at the other side.

I was then faced with a padlocked gate, been six months pregnant this wasn’t an easy task to climb over.

Basically I would have thought for all the tourism and walkers we get in and around Matlock, there might have been a couple of public footpath signs.


Wolds Rise