Warning for Dales drivers

Don’t drive tired – that’s the message for Dales drivers after a survey revealed that one in eight drivers have nodded off at the wheel during the past year.

Mike Ashworth, the chairman of Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “These drivers only nodded off for a few seconds but that’s still long enough to cause a fatal crash.

“Crashes caused by tiredness often involve one vehicle smashing into another or leaving the road altogether. Impacts often occur at a high speed because the sleepy driver brakes too late or not at all.”

The research commissioned by road safety charity Brake and diet plan company Cambridge Weight Plan also revealed that:

- one in four drivers have embarked on a journey when they feel drowsy

- more than a quarter continue their journey after they notice the first signs of drowsiness

- more than 80 per cent of drivers ignore government advice which says you should stop for a nap when tired

- one in seven drivers suffer from a health condition that makes them tired during the day