WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE: Couple banned after dog’s “rotting flesh” ear infection


A Derbyshire man and a woman have been disqualified from keeping dogs and cats for two years after they let their dog’s ear infection get so bad that an RSPCA inspector described it as smelling like “rotting flesh”.

Mark Lamb, 46, and Gillian Lamb, 43, of Dale View Road, in Lower Pilsley, Derbyshire, were convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to their American cocker spaniel Monty following a trial at Chesterfield magistrates’ court in December 2014.

Monty's severe ear infection.

Monty's severe ear infection.

An appeal upheld the convictions last week, and they were sentenced on Friday, June 3 at Derby Crown Court.

A judge upheld the previous disqualification from keeping dogs and cats for two years and placed a 24-week curfew order on them. He also ordered them to pay increased costs of £9,600.

The court heard that Monty, now aged six, had a severe ear infection which a vet had advised needing surgical treatment. However, he was not taken back to the vets and, three months later, an RSPCA inspector visited thier home after the animal welfare charity received a call from a concerned member of the public.

RSPCA inspector, Sarah Burrows, said: “Poor Monty was in so much pain because of this ear infection - it had caused his ear to become ulcerated, and it was so infected that you could smell him before you saw him. His ear smelt very much like rotting flesh.

“I took him to a vet, where the infection meant that his ear canal had to be removed.

“It is so sad that Monty had to go through this, and throughout the whole appeal process he has had to be kept in kennels.

Following the conclusion of this case, he has now been signed over into our care and we will be looking to rehome him now.

“Despite what he has been through, he is a happy dog and he gets so much attention from staff at the kennels.”