Warning over roads as more snow is forecast

Winter Weather: Council workers spread grit on the pavements in Hall Leys Park, Matlock.
Winter Weather: Council workers spread grit on the pavements in Hall Leys Park, Matlock.

MOTORISTS are being urged by Derbyshire County Council to take care on the roads this week with temperatures due to plummet further and the risk of more snow.

It follows a week of wintry conditions which saw the county council’s gritting teams heading out before during and after Saturday’s snow which fell solidly for eight hours.

Forecasters are predicting more snow showers this evening which could make conditions even worse.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Derbyshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport said: “Our gritters were out around the clock treating and clearing snow from the county’s gritting routes.

“Around 30 farmers and other contractors were out ploughing the roads for us too.

“And snow wardens from town and parish councils were out helping to clear snow from pavements and public paths along with six district and borough councils – North East Derbyshire and Bolsover declined to take part.

“Thanks to everyone who helped - it’s been a real team effort.”

He added: “We’ll be keeping a close eye on conditions and gritting when necessary but we’d still urge drivers to be careful – snow is easy to spot but ice isn’t so obvious.”

Many of Derbyshire’s 2,430 grit bins are now empty following the weekend weather and the county council is refilling its share as quickly possible. District, borough, town and parish councils are responsible for refilling more than 1,000 grit bins across Derbyshire.

Tips for staying safe on the road include:

* In icy conditions slow down, steer gently and avoid harsh braking.

* Use dipped headlights if driving during snowfalls.

* Check your lights are working and your windscreen washer is full.

* If going on a long journey take a shovel, torch, boots, warm clothing, food and a hot drink and charged mobile telephone.

The county council is also providing advice on staying safe and warm in cold weather and urging residents to keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable residents. Tips include:

* Keep warm at all times - wear clothing in layers and keep moving if possible.

* Keep rooms - including the bedroom - warm and close windows. If your house is cold, body temperature will drop and catching a cold is more likely.

* Warm the bedroom and bed before turning in for the night. Your bedroom should be kept above 18°C overnight.

* If you are eligible for a flu jab make sure you have it.

* If you are over 60, money is available for winter fuel bills and you may receive payments if the weather gets very cold. To find out more call 08459 151515 (8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday) textphone 0845 601 5613 or visit www.direct.gov.uk/winterfuel.

* Keep an eye out for bogus officials who may call door-to-door without an appointment claiming to be from heating supply or other companies checking for problems caused by the cold weather. Always check the identity of callers to your home and if in doubt call the police. To find legitimate traders visit www.derbyshire.gov.uk/trustedtrader

For more advice and tips on dealing with winter including the latest gritting information and conditions on the roads visit www.derbyshire.gov.uk/snow or m.derbyshire.gov.uk on smartphones

* Calling Erewash and Amber Valley farmers! We need more of you and other contractors to help clear roads in severe winter weather. Anyone with suitable ploughing or gritting equipment can apply to sign up by calling 01629 538699. Those who sign-up for the role will receive a guaranteed minimum payment of £200 - even if it doesn’t snow.