Washed out

Flash floods Wash green Wirksworth.
Flash floods Wash green Wirksworth.

A flash flood in Wirksworth forced residents out of their homes last week after water seeped into their basements and living rooms.

Fire crews were called to Wash Green at 5pm last Thursday after receiving reports of flooding in several properties.

Later in the evening, the crews were pumping out the homes and helping clean up after heavy rain hit all across Derbyshire.

Some residents had up to two feet of water in their houses and have had to move out of their homes.

One man, who lives on Wash Green but did not want to be named, said his house escaped the worst of the flood, although water was seeping through his door.

He added: “I just looked out my curtain and could see the street all flooded.

“It went into the basements of the houses across the road, it was two foot deep in their living rooms, they have all moved out because it was that bad.

“It didn’t affect us, just the houses across the street, but water was seeping through our back door a bit.”

Another neighbour described what had happened as unbelievable.

Pat Spencer, who was helping clean one of the homes that has been flooded, said the water was actually taking wheelie bins along with it.

She added: “Everything is soaking wet throughout the house, there is sludge under the kitchen table here.

“The water swilled all down Wash Green, it went through all the gates and just wherever it could get.”

Sandbags remain outside the doors of the houses, which are at the bottom of the B5035 Wash Green, next to Wirksworth Junior School.

As well as affecting houses on Wash Green, the heavy rain last Thursday caused flooding to other parts of Wirksworth, the B5023 outside the Co–operative supermarket.

Pictures of cars struggling through the floods were provided by George Peck Media.