WATCH: Children perform special song about Derbyshire

Over 1,700 Derbyshire children have taken part in a project to create a song and video about the county.

Friday, 15th December 2017, 3:57 pm
Updated Friday, 15th December 2017, 4:00 pm
Over 1,700 children were involved in the project.

The youngsters, from 46 schools, collaborated with the Derbyshire Music Education Hub to create the song and video which is about aiming to be The Best That You Can Be.

The project has taken over ten months to create with pupils suggesting lyrics, which were passed on to the Glossop-based composers Dan Whibley and James Manson to include in the specially-commissioned song.

Derbyshire City and County Youth Orchestra and Youth Wind Band rehearsed and recorded the instrumentals before schools and music centres decided where they wanted their performances to be filmed.

Over 1,700 children were involved in the project.

The huge project has involved 13 lyrics schools, 36 performance schools, three area music centres, 1,100 singers and 270 instrumentalists filmed across 32 locations.

Jayne Briggs, Head of the Derbyshire Music Education Hub, said: “This has been a huge undertaking, but also a perfect opportunity to bring together a kind of virtual

massed performance, celebrating the enormous amount of music-making that takes place within schools, and out of hours, across Derbyshire.

"Pupils have given great feedback about their involvement in making this moving and inspiring song, learning more about the various featured locations and polishing their performances for the filming. A fantastic experience.”

Over 1,700 children were involved in the project.

To see the video in full, click here.