WATCH: Peak District duo play cornets at 3,200feet while hang gliding

At 3,200ft in the air the tune of Fly Me To The Moon rang throughout the clouds as brass band duo took music playing to new heights.

Tuesday, 29th August 2017, 3:14 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:29 pm
Helen Thurlby and Judy Leden performed Fly Me To The Moon on a cornet while hang gliding. Pictured just after landing.

In a possible world first two members of Cressbrook Brass Band played the Frank Sinartra classic while tandem hang gliding around The Peak District.

Helen Thurlby, who is the musical director of the band, teamed up with fellow player and twice Women’s World Hang Gliding Champion, Judy Leden MBE to reach the high notes on cornets.

Helen said: “It was absolutely brilliant and fantastic and I loved every second.”
The daredevils performed their stunt to raise money from Tideswell band after a fire destroyed the practice room two years ago.

Helen said: “Like all good ideas it started in the pub. I had always wanted to give hang gliding a go as it had always been on my bucket list and Judy, who has been so brilliant at every stage said she would take me up.”
Players from both bands came to support the daring feat on Saturday and while the twosome were taking off The Final Count Down and I Will Survive were playing.

Helen said: “We were both laughing on the runway during takeoff and I was concentrating so hard on playing the right notes I didn’t have time to feel nervous.”
The cornets were securely fastened to the hang glider and Judy only used one hand to play as she had to steer with the other.

Helen said: “We have looked and we can’t seem to find anyone else who has done it - but then again there may not be anyone daft enough to try it!”

Helen, who last month led the band to perform at Cardiff stadium at the request of Coldplay, has raised £2,000.