We all make mistakes

Isn’t it strange that no one remembers the man who devoted his life, pension and all he had to his adopted family (partner and 3 adopted daughters) for 15 years.

The man who gave wedding day joy to happy brides and families, and whose picture was in the Matlock Mercury only a few weeks ago, helping to raise over £700 for The Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

The man whose life is devoted to helping raise money for charities with his vintage coach.

We all make mistakes in our lives and I made a grave mistake with what I did.

I was severely mentally depressed and suicidal at the time - my mind had gone. I have to live with remorse and regret for what I did for the rest of my life. The nightmares and crying goes on forever.

I will be leaving very soon, so may I give a big thank you to all my loyal friends, neighbours and customers for their kind support for my partner and myself in our desperate hours.

God bless them.

Pete Holland