We have right to know facts

Well done to the Matlock Mercury and Cllr David Jones for highlighting the travesty of not consulting on the town’s future.

David you are 100 per cent correct, it should be a shared vision with local business, community leaders and the residents of the area, who determine the future of our towns and villages and certainly not the planning system.

Local people have a right to know what is proposed and should be able to comment on schemes before decisions are made.

Although, that does not mean that anyone will take notice and defend residents views, planning is a subjective viewpoint, growth in business and housing are needed to sustain our future but not at any cost.

At last week’s district council meeting, I spoke supporting the recent resident survey from Tansley where 80 per cent of those who responded did not want to increase the development boundaries of the village, but 40 per cent would welcome some development within the village but the answer was that development could not grow within the confines of Tansley. Knowing this and the results of the survey why have they not nominated another area where growth can be contained and benefit the community and it’s residents? We hear lots about the big society, nobody has explained it yet, and where is localism?

In its true form it should allow local people to make local decisions but even neighbourhood plans have to “tow the line” with district and county plans and will only be accepted if it is growth positive. Choice and fairness are the buzz words at the moment but will those in power ever allow localism to be enacted in full or are they too afraid.

Cllr Steve Flitter

County, District and Town

councillor for Matlock and