We must all support Pav


RE: Matlock Bath Grand Pavilion

May I congratulate and thank you for your supportive editorial in this week’s edition of the Mercury, in respect of the Grand Pavilion at Matlock Bath.

It is very pleasing to note the Mercury’s continuing support for the group behind the dream of the resurrection of the Pavilion as a multi-purpose Arts and Entertainment Centre, coupled with the preservation of this very important building within the Matlock Bath landscape.

Should the Council’s Partnership and Regeneration Committee accept the recommendations made to them at next week’s meeting, this will be the completion of the first phase of what is going to be a much longer project and will allow the group to concentrate on the vital grant funding required for the project. Having attended as an observer many of the meetings of the group’s steering committee, I can vouch for the dedication and professionalism of those who have got the project to the present stage. However, as you say, the Matlock Bath Pavilion Group do need the support of the whole community, not only through planning and implementation, but also very importantly, once their dreams reach fruition, by supporting as many of the events which will take place as we individually can.

I also look forward to that day.

Cllr Peter Hume

Masson Ward

Derby Road