We need a say on the future

I would like to congratulate Cllr David Jones, on an excellent article in the Matlock Mercury regarding the impending new development on the site of the old swimming baths in Matlock.

It clearly illustrates the justifiable concerns of a majority of people in Matlock, regarding our DCCC actions both now, and in the past, over major planning development proposals.

Both the officers and our democratically elected district councillors do themselves no favours by adopting this closed shop approach which inevitably leads to suspicions and cynicism over the proposals.

I will not waste further ink on covering ground already excellently elucidated by Mr Jones, but will issue a challenge to the district planning officers, Mike Hase and his manager Paul Wilson, along with all those councillors concerned in making this decision, to open this out to public scrutiny and consultation, before any decision is reached on a favoured developer.

This will allow all of the residents in Matlock affected by this huge site to be involved (if they so wish), have a valid input and stop any unjustified complaints post development.

In other words district councillors, and planning officers, allow us, the public of Matlock, to have our say in good time to influence what we get, rather than paying lip service to us.

Remember, we are the ones who democratically elected you, and for the planning officers, we pay your wages in our rates and taxes, so we should, by any measure, have a valid say in our towns future.

Keep up the pressure Matlock Mercury don’t let this one slip off the agenda, well done.

Rob Clarke