We need a TB vaccine now


I was really upset when I read the letter from P. Twyford in the May 5 issue about the National Trust allowing the badger cull on their land.

I too love animals and wildlife but get really upset when people do not see the bigger picture. Why is it alright to kill a cow and not alright to kill a badger?

Twenty-five thousand cows have been slaughtered in the UK because of TB they have been slaughtered to keep our milk and beef safe for us humans.

Have you ever reared a calf and watched over it all it’s life only to find it has reacted to the TB test and has to go to slaughter.

It is a very painful experience, and it puts the farmer’s life on hold while he waits for clear tests in the rest of the herd, and many a farmer will lose his livelihood because of all the TB testing.

Does anyone lose their livelihoods if the badger is culled or restricted?

I think the Government has to seriously consider a vaccine for the cow, and restrict the movements of the badger.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.

Jean Carson