We need info in the town

I was very concerned to read of the impending closure of the Tourist Information office in Crown Square.

This is a well used facility, particularly because of its present site. It’s replacement by the Town Hall, which is off the general tourist trail, is a nonsense.

Even if this is well signposted, fewer people especially visitors, will make use of it.

On a number of occasions this year, when visiting the TIC I have found a number of people using it’s services and buying from the excellent display of books and maps. On one morning – out of the normal tourist season – I joined a queue waiting for it to open. I’m pleased to say what that the staff opened up five minutes early to accommodate the waiting customers.

Our area depends upon visitors for a large proportion of its income and this move seems unlikely to encourage this.

I only hope that the present helpful and friendly staff move to the new site, if what seems to be the inevitable to happens. However, perhaps the district council will yet have the sense to leave a successful service alone and allow it to continue on its present site.

Mike Stanyon