We need localised recycling centres

A new recycling centre is opening in the Dales and it will not be a moment too soon.

The siting of the household waste centre near Darley Dale may have been controversial and there will certainly be some people who are upset that it is on its way but for the majority of the area it will be heaven sent.

For too long there hasn’t been anywhere close enough for residents in Matlock to take their household waste which is not collected at the doorstep.

It is no surprise that there is a problem with fly-tipping if there is nowhere for the less than dedicated to take their rubbish with ease.

On page seven of this week’s paper we have pictures of yet more rubbish strewn around our beautiful countryside and it is time that the illegal practise was stamped out once and for all.

I can only hope that the new recycling plant will help out by encouraging more people to dispose of their waste properly.

I understand the concerns of those living closest to the site but Harrison Way is ideal because of the easy access from the A6 – and if it is managed responsibly it should be no problem at all.

I have lived in a house with a tip very similar just around the corner and I hardly knew it was there.

So long as this new one doesn’t get too large then it should be only good news for the community.

However what we really need is more smaller sites all over the county so there is no need for people to worry about disruption in the first place.

On the continent they seem to manage to have small communal waste centres in each village.

In some places there are no doorstep collections at all – just very regular communal ones and everyone is used to taking their rubbish out once a day and sorting it at the site.

It is unlikely we will ever be able to adopt such a lifestyle here now but maybe we could aspire to more localised small recycling centres for all communities.

Amanda Hatfield, editor