We should all be shouting


The litter louts have left their mark again in the Firs Parade car park. I walked through there on Wednesday, May 4, to be met by what I can only describe as ‘dump of the month’, which consisted of anything to everything, from paper bags, plastic, fag packets, alcohol bottles and whatever would be concealed beneath a thick blue bed quilt.

My observations were telling me that this rubbish may have been deposited some time ago, and should have been cleared up. If not, why wasn’t it?

Someone must know who the perpetrators of this shameful practice are and they should make sure that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

If I saw them they would certainly receive the sharp end of my tongue.

Yes, I am fully aware that it will happen again, but that doesn’t mean that we should turn a blind eye to it, contrary to the assumptions of a section of the public we cannot entirely apportion blame upon local charity shops for creating rubbish in this area.

I know from experience as a volunteer in one of these shops that goods such as bedding, towels and clothes etc., which are not considered to be suitable for sale are bagged up and re-cycled.

The public can do a lot to help by not leaving donations in the shop doorways overnight. Despite being respectfully asked to refrain from this they still do it. How inconsiderate is that?

I appreciate that the council are faced with the problem of clearing the escalating amounts of rubbish and fly tipping throughout the Dales, and that they don’t always know where it is situated therefore, we can help by bringing it to their notice.

So come on, you all see it, let us hear you all shouting about it.

It is now up to the district council to address this issue before they conduct their Thursday morning ritual of conveying my letters to the nearest ‘things not to bother with’ – shredder.

If they want to show the effect of solidity and relation to proportion between council and general public by leading from the front, they need to increase their rate of progression, and what better way to start than by hot-footing it down to the Firs Parade car park, to make a ‘clean sweep’.

As I transfer my opine tendencies from the negative to the positive, I am feeling cock-a-hoop, because the smokers have now been supplied with a much needed facility to enable them to dispose of their cigarette stubs. Have you seen it in front of The Crown pub? What a transformation. I would like to offer my thanks to whoever it concerns for taking note of my letter (Matlock Mercury, April 12), and for their contribution to the upkeep of the ambience of our town, and presenting an open opportunity to others to follow their example.

Dorothy Corker

The Shortlands