We want new market site

I am pleased that Cllr Lewis Rose is supporting Matlock Market through the ‘Love your Market’ campaign.

However, as usual, the district council is out of touch with what Matlock people want and that is not the retention of a cold, drafty, dull and miserable market hall.

Their first suggestion was the transfer of the monthly farmers market (run by the town council) to the market hall. It might have increased the district councils income, but would have been the death knell for the farmers market.

They now propose to reduce the size of the market hall by half in order to provide a saleable retail space.

But what many people in the town want is an attractive outdoor market in the right location. It has been talked about for many years and now is the time to act.

Crown Square would be ideal, but the necessary closure of the road over the bridge would not find favour with the highways department.

Likewise, the loss of parking. If Firs Parade was used it would not be supported by the traders there.

To me, the land in front of the Town Hall, as suggested by many, seems ideal.

The loss of car parking there on two days a week would be eased by the temporary use of the lido site for parking. The long term aim is to establish a town square on this site, ideal then for an open market now.

The council has the expertise in setting up and dismantling market stalls and the sale of the present site would surely cover the cost of attractive moveable stalls.

So Cllr Rose and Stevens, think outside your little box and do something worthwhile for Matlock.

David Barker