We want our market back

I would like to thank the many members of the public for their valuable support following my letter (Matlock Mercury, November 10) appertaining to the need for a decent market in the town. This response in its self depicts the level of concern that is mow gathering momentum.

I now read that the district council is set to “review the situation”. Don’t they mean dodge the situation, regarding the viability of a market in Matlock and also improve communications with the traders - What traders? That will not be a mammoth task, because at the last count there were only two still battling it out. I went in there on Friday, and during my few moments of despair, I was forced with an acute emptiness which forced me to repeatedly question myself, how did this happen? Well we know who is to blame.

Perhaps now that the Matlock Mercury has given this issue a generous amount of coverage, the council just might tell us what is flowing through the pipeline for the redevelopment on the lido and indoor market area. Does anyone in the town seriously believe that they don’t already know, of course they do, that lot are not as careful as they themselves would like to believe. I don’t suppose we will know until the deal is done. It was just the same with Sainsbury’s and it was too late then for us to have a say in the matter.

The controversy and complaints concerning the state of the market – or what is left of it – are a long standing bone of contention between the traders and the council, who continue to raise the rents without making any efforts to improve it and we are now witnessing the aftermath of council disloyalty towards hard-working men and women who have been robbed of their independence.

Enough is enough and if we want to retain that, which is traditionally our custom, this issue must remain dominant, otherwise these councillors will continue to wallow in their own self-awarded accolades.

Also, why do they need a spokesman? Are they not capable of telling us themselves about what they are proposing to do, they each receive a very handsome salary, it’s about time they started earning it and come down there when we are all shopping, talk to us face to face and listen to what a few of us oldies have to say.

They haven’t got the guts because they know that they wouldn’t half get a food ear-lashing. We have kept our town alive for decades and now it is time to secure a stable future for the next generation. We must not allow the impending corrosion of trade to be our legacy, as for asking the public for feedback, will the following nourish their appetite?

The gloves are on, the match has started, to throw in the towel now would be to concede to defeat and I for one am prepared to go the full ten rounds, with enough punch we could see the district council ‘out for the count’. So come on get yourselves a ring side seat and cheer us on, we are no longer prepared to submit to their incompetence by failing to serve the people with the dedication which they deserve. We want our market back, and they can start by reviving that five course meal, there is more if they would like a second helping.

Dorothy Corker