We want our streets back

I would like to add my voice to the call to “Give us back our Streets”, (Matlock Mercury, May 19).

Living lower down on Matlock Bank we suffer not only from inconsiderate parking by town workers, but also by shoppers, tourists, churchgoers, football fans and people visiting the doctors and dentists on Lime Grove Walk. It is a rare day indeed when an emergency vehicle could negotiate St Joseph’s Street, which I have vehicular access to. The waste bin collections have to be made from Bank Road or Lime Grove Walk since the refuse truck can’t pass along the street. The pavements and gutters have never been cleaned, and are consequently a disgrace. At least one gully on St Joseph’s Street has been blocked for all the time I have lived here, and that’s been over five years.

You might think that I am fortunate in being one of the few town centre residents with access to a garage, not so, since people do not hesitate to park in the gateway, and are frequently abusive if they are seen doing so and challenged. Having been unable to get our car out on several occasions when I needed to do so, I am forced to park on-street.

Castleton, Bakewell and Matlock Bath are all favoured with residents-only parking schemes, so why are we singled out to suffer this nuisance and misery?

Why is no consideration given to Matlock Town and Matlock Bank residents?

After all, we pay council tax and have a vote too.

P. York

Bank Road