We want to tidy up town

Matlock in Bloom has many ideas this year to improve several untidy areas around the town. Finding out who owns them is not always easy, but we are making progress.

We are trying to work with schools round young people to organisations, especially where litter is concerned – this is a blight which must be controlled.

Wild flower planting on verges etc, is high on our list. This is needed not only for colour, but for insects and pollination. But it is not just a case of scattering a handful of seeds - much more work than this is needed.

For the Diamond Jubilee, we are organising a wheelbarrow garden competition for three to five, five to seven and seven to 11 year olds.

They will be judged at the Parkhead in early July. All entries must be made of natural materials, so if any children are interested, please contact the Town Council at the Imperial Rooms for more details.

Our plant swap in the park last year was a great success, so we will repeat this.

Also our annual open day, with coffee and cakes, at All Saint School on June 30, where their wonderful garden will be on show again.

We hope the public will support and enjoy all our events this summer.

Please tell us your ideas and remember to keep looking for attractive gardens – large or small – for our competition.

Doreen (Tottie) Holden