WEATHER WARNING: Freezing fog widespread in Derbyshire


The Met Office is warning commuters about patches of freezing fog which are widespread across Derbyshire this morning.

The weather forecasters have issued a ‘yellow’ warning for fog and freezing fog across the East Midlands, which will reduce visibility to less than 100m in some places.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Be aware that this will cause difficult travel conditions, and some disruption to transport.”

Clear skies, light winds and rapidly falling temperatures have allowed these patches of fog and freezing fog to form.

The patches are expected to clear later this morning as wind speeds start to increase.

Later today, clouds will thicken, with wind and rain moving eastwards in the afternoon. Highs of 3°C.

This evening will be wet and windy, with heavier rain arriving throughout the night. Lows of 4°C.