WEATHER: Yellow warning for snow and ice in Derbyshire today

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The Met Office is forecasting a cold and windy day for Derbyshire and the East Midlands today, Monday February 23, with a yellow warning of snow and ice in force across the county.

It will be cold, bright and windy during the day with a good deal of sunshine, but also some occasional wintry showers.

There will be a mixture of rain, sleet and hail at lower levels, with some snow likely for higher parts of Derbyshire. The maximum temperature will be six degrees centigrade.

Tonight it will remain windy with clear spells and scattered wintry showers, some heavy. Rain, sleet and hail are most likely at low levels, with snow most likely over the Pennines. The minimum temperature will be one degree centigrade.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice in Derbyshire which is valid until 3pm tomorrow (Tuesday).

It says frequent sleet, snow and hail showers are expected on Monday and persisting well into Tuesday. On ground above around 150-200 m locally 5-10 cm is likely, with accumulations of 10-20 cm over ground above around 300 m. Areas east of mountains will see relatively few showers. Across northern England accumulations to low levels are likely to be transient, whilst on hills above around 200 m 5-10 cm of snow is possible. Icy patches are possible at times on untreated surfaces, especially on Monday night.

Winds will be generally strong, with gusts of 60 mph or more likely at times, especially on coasts and hills.