What a waste of our money

I read with amazement the article in last week’s issue about the letter sent to the owner of the Maazi after one of his takeaway boxes was found incorrectly recycled.

We hear in the news all the time about how public services will be affected by cutbacks, and yet taxpayers money is apparently being used for rummaging through bins. How much time and effort did this cost and what control do the council think that businesses have over what happens to their packaging after it has left their premises. I would also like to know who else received a letter.

It seems to me that if you are a large supermarket in Matlock you can have extensions, which incidentally now do not include the learning centre promised in the original application, have large signage out of keeping with the area and cause as much light pollution as you like, but if you are a small business there will always be a series of hoops for you to jump through.

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