What does Darley actually cost us?

The Mercury makes no apologies for backing the fight to keep the Darley Birth Centre open and won’t be stopped by criticism from doctors or the NHS.

We, and our readers, appreciate that times are hard and there is no spare money floating about but what we want the bean counters to do is to have another look at where the savings can be made – and there is no point them threatening that it will be something emotive like hip replacements – we all know that there are other areas of the service which could be fine-tuned.

What we need to see is a proper breakdown of the costs at Darley.

In the letter from the Matlock doctors (right) it is pointed out it costs £820 a day to just keep it open regardless of the births taking place there.

Yes it sounds a lot but when you put it up against a £180 bill for a five minute appointment with a highly paid consultant in a private hospital it is mere peanuts.

I am sure the NHS won’t be paying anywhere near that amount for the services of consultants or doctors at its hospitals or units like Darley, but it does put into perspective the amount we are talking about saving here.

Amanda Hatfield, editor