Wheelie long ride

NMAM Australia Cycle 2.2.12
NMAM Australia Cycle 2.2.12

Two cycling enthusiasts are currently embarking on the challenge of a lifetime as they attempt a 2,500 mile expedition around Australia’s Outback.

Dave Cook, of Baslow, and Paul Cave, of Sheffield, are completing this gruelling mission to raise funds for Sheffield Rag Student Committee.

Paul Cave, who is currently studying at The University of Sheffield, said: “Cycling in these temperatures is very demanding. Some days we drink 12 litres of water just to stay hydrated.”

Day one of their adventure got off to a bad start after Dave crashed at speed.

This incident set the pair back five days, but both commented on how helpful and friendly the locals were.

Dave said: “Every difficulty we have faced on the tour has been matched by hospitality and help from the Australians. We really do feel supported.”