Who would be a councillor?

I was surprised at the letter from newly elected councillor Di Cliff.

Of course all work done by local councillors is voluntary and when putting up for election they should know this. (It is called job satisfaction.).

Darley Dale has had many good hard working parish and town councillors in the past – too many to mention but their names live on.

Yes it can be hard and sometimes frustrating work but your electors will be aware of work you do for them without you notifying them in the press each time.

I have written the following poem for the councillor to reflect.

Who’d be a councillor?

Why did I stand as councillor in Darley Dale? I ask.

I’ve asked myself a thousand times, for it’s not an easy task.

My phone’s forever ringing, it rings both day and night.

Some callers are abusive and others so polite.

They ring with all their problems; be they great or small,

They say that I’m a waste of space if I cannot solve them all.

But still I try to do my best, it’s only fair you see;

Because it was to serve their needs, that they elected me.

Doug Goodall

Columbell Way

Two Dales