Why are flats left empty?

Why are there so many flats and council houses standing empty when there is supposed to be a long waiting list for them?

There are so many empty in the area.

My friend is on the list for a flat, and, as he tells me, they have to keep bidding now. How stupid if they are vacant?

Why can’t the council let them to a person who is on the list?

They should be getting rent for them, not leaving them empty as some have been for months.

At one time, the council did decorate the old people’s flats when they became empty, but that has all stopped. I suppose they have run out of money.

I don’t know whose silly idea it is for bidding to get one. My friend has waited months. She keeps bidding and getting nowhere.

The council should just let them without all this bidding stuff.

I suppose it’s the same everywhere with councils now.

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