Why are we charging here?

Last year the Derbyshire Countryside Service imposed car parking charges at the Black Rocks car park (and some others which have different circumstances).

I’m not sure what the objective of imposing charges was, but maybe now is the time to ask what the results have been. By the way, I don’t use the car park, I walk my dog past it almost every day.

At Black Rocks there is a substantial area of hard-standing which was paid for by the local taxpayers.

Last year, the authority paid for temporary signs announcing the forthcoming imposition of charges, followed by temporary signs announcing that charges were being levied, and then permanent signs and pay meters.

Quite an expenditure – and presumably with an ongoing cost to supervise the regulations and to empty the machines.

I wonder what the impact has been in two respects. First, financial, how much has been spent on imposing charges, and how much has been collected.

Second, what has been the impact on the use of this car park and, as a secondary issue, parking in the vicinity.

From my observations, I think that use of the car park (and potentially the local facilities) has reduced tremendously. At the same time, I suspect that charges have cost more than they have raised. All in all, this does not seem to have enhanced use of the countryside locally.

Darryl Rodgers

By email