Why did loos cost so much?

Firstly, I would like to know why the toilets in Matlock cost £200,000 as, I am sure, many other residents of Matlock would like to know too? I went in to have a look shortly after they were opened and cannot say that they have been lavishly decorated although they were a big improvement.

I have also heard a strong rumour that toilets on the park will be closed over the winter and would like to know why?

When my children were growing up we would always come down to the park, whatever time of year it was and let them run around and play.

I cannot believe that the toilets will be closed after all the wait for them to be opened, just for a few weeks.

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter Mrs Corker wrote a few weeks ago about having a market back in the town. It would bring a bit of life back into the town, especially in the week. It could be situated in the park where the Victorian Market was or on Firs Parade.

This would bring people in and then they would spend money in shops they would probably not think of going in if there wasn’t a market, especially on Firs Parade, which is slowly dying if it wasn’t for the charity shops.

I was once very proud to say I lived in Matlock but not anymore. People pass through Matlock from Bakewell to Matlock Bath. If it wasn’t for the lovely park it would be a ghost town.

At this time of year, when most places are buzzing with shoppers, there is a handful of people in the town.

I wrote a letter a few weeks ago about the lack of shops in Matlock, and it seems to be getting worse. We desperately need some high street stores.

Alfreton is quite small but has two large bargain shops, an Argos and several high street shops. How can the councillors say that we should support local shops when there is barely anything here to support.

I think it’s time that the people of Matlock got together and hold a town meeting where we could put forward all the things people want in Matlock and what shops we need. The councillors could sit and listen to our ideas and suggestions and then maybe at the end they could answer our questions face to face.

I would like to know what other people would think?


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