Why didn’t they speak up?

I attended the recent planning meeting where the plans for the redevelopment of Greenaway Lane school were approved.

My first time at such an event and I was there to explain the devastating effect that the proposed development would have on Greenaway Workshop for the Disabled.

It was an amazing experience. I had no idea that nobody would listen.

I spoke from the heart as someone involved on a daily basis with one of the workers.

I didn’t understand that the elected councillors did not really have any power and were not able to consider the issues that would affect the local community.

Three elderly male councillors talked endlessly about the need for affordable housing.

The rest of them said very little. The women were noticeably silent.

Not one of them attempted to address the issues of the workshop or the Mencap centre.

Once again the plight of the disabled in our community was swept under the carpet.

I do hope that the council is ashamed and embarrassed by its timidity and lack of consideration for the people in our community who need their understanding and support more than anyone else.

Such naivety, but it’s votes that count isn’t it?

Anne Pearson