Why is bridge in such a state

I wish to bring to your attention what I consider to be a case of appalling neglect of what must have been at one time a major feature in Matlock Bath.

I cannot believe that in a town so popular with visiting tourists neglect of this historic feature is in such a poor state of repair.

I refer to the Victorian 1887 Jubilee Commemorative Bridge across the Derwent. This Bridge was built and constructed by the Butterley Company of Ripley, without doubt one of the most renowned and highly regarded construction companies this country has known, the very same company who constructed and supplied the major supporting ironwork for the original St Pancras Station in London this same beautiful ironwork is still in place and still supporting the roof of the newly refurbished station.

Regrettably the Butterley Company has in recent times gone the way of so many great British manufacturing and engineering companies.

This bridge over the Derwent still bears the dated 1887 plaque of the Butterley Company. The bridge is obviously still in constant use as a river crossing; surely someone in the area has overall authority for this bridge and must have witnessed the current state of the construction?

In the present climate I realise things are tight financially but surely a historic feature such as this cannot be allowed to just rust away, Health and Safety must also be an issue?

I cannot believe a construction of this type can continue to be neglected and allowed to fall into such a disgusting state.

How much more of a true feature for the town would it be if this splendid bridge was given a complete refurbishment and finished with a proper paint coating to bring it back to its original glory? This bridge could once again be the feature it was intended back in 1887.

I would be interested to see what reaction would be given to the concern that I highlight.

Barry Chilton

Lodge Drive