Why not make a difference?

As we relax with our families to enjoy the festive season, it’s easy sometimes to forget what Christmas is supposed to be all about – thinking of others. I’d like to ask your readers to spare a thought for those who are unable to take such simple pleasures for granted.

There are millions of people in the UK struggling to cope with disability; they may be disabled themselves and confined to a wheelchair, or caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Whatever their situation, it’s more than likely that their daily existence is a hard, unrelenting struggle with poverty, isolation, discrimination and despair.

It is a sad fact that, even in this day and age, disabled people and carers remain among the most disenfranchised and vulnerable members of society. This Christmas, I’d like to offer your readers the opportunity to help us change that.

I work for Vitalise, a wonderful charity that provides desperately-needed respite breaks for disabled people and carers at our accessible centres around the UK. Our breaks are an absolute lifeline, enabling our guests to restore their ability to cope and rediscover their zest for life. Without the opportunities we provide, life would be very bleak indeed.

But we simply couldn’t do what we do without the compassion and generosity of the public. So this Christmas and New Year, why not resolve to make a real difference to someone else’s life in 2012? There are so many ways you can help, from something as simple as making a donation, to taking part in a fundraising event or sparing some time to volunteer at one of our centres. It’s your chance to spread some lasting goodwill!

We really need your help. If you would like to support Vitalise, please call 0303 303 0147 or visit www.vitalise.org.uk

Colin Brook