Why spend on new signs?

In these times of austerity and double dip recession, could the highways department of the council, please explain why they have moved and taken down the 30mph speed restriction signs, and their respective poles, on Bakewell Road in Matlock? And then replaced them with new poles and signs 50 yards down the road?

When all they needed to do was replace the 30mph signs on the same poles with 20mph signs!

Talk about wasting tax payers money! What was the point in this?

Surely they could have spent the money on more urgent matters such as grit bins for vulnerable streets, repairing pot holes and poor road surfacing, ie Water Lane and Harrison Drive, Wirksworth, to name two.

I cross the road at Water Lane junction every morning and I have to watch for traffic turning, whilst making sure I don’t trip over in a pot hole.

This road is a disgrace.

Dave Higgins