Why was car park locked?

Sir Joseph Whitworth donated the Whitworth Institute and Park for the enjoyment of the people of Darley Dale.

One of the periods of the year when people need to use the park, and have the leisure to do so, is the week following Christmas.

Why is it then that the Whitworth Trust has discouraged it’s use during this season? Since before Christmas Day, until into the New Year, the new expensive car park has been locked up, giving the impression that the park is closed up.

This has kept away from the park parents with children wishing to try out their new cycles and scooters, and the elderly who need to use a car to access the park.

A further restriction has been the closure of gates for foot access, apart from the gate on Station Road.

Unless that gate is tried first, the locked gates create the impression that the park is inaccessible for everyone including walkers.

Is this the spirit which prompted Sir Joseph’s generosity? Shame and humbug Whitworth Trust.

Mr G.W.Lennox

Darley Dale