Why was the Queen in town?

I am writing my autobiography, and wonder if your readers may be able to help me with an event at Matlock. I believe it was in 1968, when the Queen visited.

I was in my first curacy at Ripley, when my Vicar asked me to deputise for him as Chaplain to the Ripley British Legion.

They were to act as a Guard of Honour, when her Majesty came to Matlock station. I recall the Queen walking past us within about six feet and her dignity almost ‘oozed’ on the occasion.

I have found one picture on the internet having Googled Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Matlock. It seems that it was a military parade of some sort, but there were no details of what the visit was about or of what else she did in Matlock that day.

Nor was there a date given. I seem to recall that the Ripley British Legion provided the Guard of Honour on her arrival and a few hours late at her departure.

I would very much like to know the exact date in 1968, and times if possible. If anyone has any photographs of the event, I would be most interested to see them. I seldom travel as far as Matlock these days, but I do go to Derby quite often with my wife and it occurred to me that the local studies library on Irongate may have old copies of the Matlock Mercury. If so, it would be very helpful to have the actual date of the Queen’s visit.

Revd Robin Martin