Will bill be abandoned?


A vast number of people and bodies have opposed this reform bill. Body’s like BMA, the health service unions, vast number of nurse’s and doctor and the Liberal Democrat conference, and a number of Lib Dem MPs and locally the Wirksworth NHS ‘STOP THINK’ campaign, and also the Labour Party, which the Labour Government of 1945 to 1951 introduced the NHS, which is a free service to all citizens’ of UK.

It is a model to the world on health to its people, and the recent opinion polls show record satisfaction with NHS even among Conservative voters.

In the last few years over a 100 hospitals have opened and there are more doctors and nurses than there has ever been, and waiting times have come down in many areas of the NHS.

Rebecca Smith, medical editor of the Daily Telegraph, in her words, “NHS reforms will cost £3bn and will not work”. BMA demand that this dangerous bill is abandoned.

Yes we need progress in the NHS but this reform will be a backward step which will dismantle the NHS.

The Government’s reforms would see 80 per cent of the budget going to the GP, I have a great deal of admiration for what the doctors achieve in the medical field.

But they’re not administrators or accountants, they are not qualified to take on this role, and would have to bring in large numbers of staff to run the so-called consortiums which will become very fragmented bodies all with different policies.

The vast number of doctors are good citizens, but this reform is open to abuse, if a doctor or a member of their family or close friends where shareholders in a private clinic or hospital which the doctor referred a patient to, it would amount to being a conflict of interests and if councillors did this in planning committees they would be reported to the standard board.

This will also result in private clinics creaming off the easier operations and leave the very costly operation to the NHS hospitals and this will under mine the NHS hospitals, like the new hospitals like Royal Derby and St Oswald’s, which will become short of money and parts may be shut down, this process will lead to the dismantling of the NHS.

Mr Lansley came up with this reform bill back in opposition, way before the world bank crisis, and he is now spending £3bn on this reform.

Barack Obama is trying to get the USA away from this failed and very bad health service of the USA, and Mr Lansley is taking us towards the USA system.

But at last, there is a light. In recent days, with all the vast number opposing reforms, the Government is starting to u-turn on this reform, so hopefully the government will change this vast amount of money going to GPs or abandon the bill.

Peter Slack

Chapel Lane

Middleton by Wirksworth