Will they listen to the people?

It is D-Day for the Darley Birth Centre next Wednesday and we will finally know if the NHS is going to close it.

If they have listened to what the public have to say over the last few months then they would keep it open.

Thousands of people have taken the time to either sign a petition calling for it to be saved or voiced opinions at the public meetings called.

The fact that the GPs have backed the NHS proposals is of no surprise at all to most of us. They have refused to back the Don’t Ditch Darley campaign throughout and always refused to comment when asked by the Mercury.

However it seems the campaigners are still refusing to lose heart and say that even if the decision goes against them next week they plan to refer the decision to the Secretary of State for Health.

They reckon they have a pretty good case for demanding the unit is kept open and are being fuelled in their efforts by support from the county and district councils.

The message is, and always has been, that we know money has to be saved – but it has to be found elsewhere in the NHS and not by closing these invaluable units.

Amanda Hatfield, editor