PROBUS: At the August meeting, the Chairman, Colin Pidgeon introduced David Bennett who gave an illustrated talk on “The Osprey Project at Carsington Water.

The speaker presented his background and those of the team members in this project. Attracting ospreys at thenearby Rutland Water had been very successful and with a surplus of chicks were keenfor groups in other areas to establish nesting sites.

The Bird Club at Carsington Water were keen to set up a project and in 2010 preparations were put in motion with the aid of a DCC Excellence Award.

Two sites were chosen, one at Millfields and the other near Sheepwash.

In September 2010 two nest platforms and two perches were constructed.

Four 30 foot long telegraph poles were obtained and in the early months of 2011 the poles, platforms and perches were transported to the sites and erected.

The problems of transporting the poles from the Ranger’s HQ to the sites were well illustrated.

In March 2011, the construction project had been completed at a cost of £1,660.

During 2011, ospreys did stop at Carsington Water.

One, a ringed male with a wireless transmitter fitted was on its way from Loch Ussie near Dingwall, Scotland to Senegal.

Even more sightings of ospreys were recorded during 2012 from April throughout the summer. This year the sighting of ospreys was much later possibly due to the long winter.

David finished the talk describing in detail the bird’s habits and how far they travelled.

Bob Duxbury thanked the speaker for an interesting talk on a successful project.