Wirksworth filmmaker turns to crowdfunding to support new horror flick

Oakhurst House in Ambergate where the film is set.
Oakhurst House in Ambergate where the film is set.

A filmmaker based in Wirksworth is crowdfunding for a film about the urban myth of the Black Eyed Children.

Stuart Wheeldon , who is directing the production titled In Limbo, was inspired to make the film after sightings of ghostly-looking children with black eyes were reported in the national media last year.

The film follows the story of Victoria, a student at Edinburgh University, on a summer break with her two friends, who decide to visit a deserted hotel in the foothills of the Peak District, an area where black eyed children are reported to have been sighted by locals.

Stuart said:“It’s a psychological horror film at its heart. It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for years and I’m surprised no-one has made any film on them before.”

The cast are all from Derbyshire, although Stuart says there will be an appearance by a well-known actor who is in the next Bond film Spectre.

However, he says that the project is locally driven.

“The people involved are all in there for the same reason - they’re all enthralled by the story.”

The film is already gaining attention with Jennifer Lynch, son of David, already expressing interest.

He says: “This film has lots of potential- I wouldn’ be surprised if we start seeing Hollywood films on this theme in a few years.”

Filming is due to get underway soon, with the movie set to be released in September in venues across Derbyshire and at film festivals. If you want to help fund the film, go to www.indiegogo.com/projects/in-limbo-horror-feature-film.