Woman chased by cow warns walkers

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A holidaymaker has told of her frightenening experience after being chased by a cow while out walking near Monsal Head last week.

Penny Page, from Essex, was holidaying in Whatstandwell with family and friends.

The incident happened as they were out for a day’s walking on public footpaths around Monsal Head last week.

Penny said: “It was a lovely walk and the countryside was magnificent, but as we were nearing the end of the walk one of the cows grazing quietly nearby suddenly looked up and started to run towards us.

“I didn’t think anything of it until I saw that it wasn’t intent on stopping. I turned my back and started to run away but the animal lowered its head, like in a bull-fight, and tossed menacingly at my backpack.

“It hit me in the back and ripped my shirt with its horns and was still charging. Luckily we were near a stile and I jumped through to safety.”

Father-in-law Tony Page said: “We’ve been holidaying at Whatstandwell on and off for over 15 years and nothing like that has happened before.

“It was really scary – Penny suffered cuts and bruises and could easily have been seriously injured or even killed.”

Penny added that she hoped her experience would act as a warning to other walkers and tourists.

She said: “It’s a warning to people walking in the countryside to be vigilant and to expect the unexpected.”