Woman died after fatal intake of medicine

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NEWS: News.

A woman was found dead at her home by her partner after she had taken a fatal intake of prescription medicine.

Chesterfield coroner’s court heard during an inquest on Thursday, February 6, how Helen Wharton, 33, of Hipley Close, Chesterfield, was found collapsed in her bedroom.

Assistant Derbyshire coroner Nigel Anderson explained the circumstances suggested possible ingestion of oral medication and that Ms Wharton had been on a range of anti-psychotic medicines, anti-depressant and sleep-related medicines.

Her partner Patrick Archibold stated Ms Wharton had been a drug-user and she had sent texts threatening to kill herself before she was found deceased, but he said he had not taken the threats seriously.

The court heard how Mr Archibold visited her home on July 2 and found her lodged between her bed and a table and the emergency services were alerted and Ms Wharton was pronounced dead just after 10pm.

Ms Wharton’s mother Evelyn Wharton told the court her daughter had never tried to kill herself but would lose track of how often she had taken medicine.

She stated she had texted and phoned her daughter and visited her flat the day before her death but there had been no answer.

A post mortem report stated Helen Wharton had possibly taken orally-ingested medicines before her death and tests indicated an acute fatal intake of anti-depressants.

Mr Andreson felt there was not sufficient evidence to conclude Helen Wharton had taken her own life or died from an accidental overdose and he returned an open verdict.