Wool workers return as the war finally ends

nmam 11-08-11 mems 2
nmam 11-08-11 mems 2
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This picture shows workers at Patons and Baldwins wool manufacturers as they moved back into their Smedley Street premises following the Second World War.

The picture was sent in by Dorothy Mee, of Darley Dale, whose father-in-law Herbert Mee appears in the picture.

She said: “This picture was taken in 1946, just after the war. During the war Patons and Baldwins had to close and a munitions factory came up from London.

“My father-in-law used to work for them, as did my brother-in-law John.

“I remember there was a Mr Greenwood who was a manager there, but I don’t remember the names of many of the other people.

“Patons and Baldwins wool was very popular, they used to make it and ball it up and pack it all up.

“My father-in-law worked on the looms. He left while the war was on to work in the munitions factory, but then went back afterwards for quite a while.

“I thought that there might be a few people out there who would like to see the picture.”