World famous video blogger dies aged 86

A video blogger, known as the ‘Internet Grandad’, has died of cancer aged 86.

Bakewell pensioner Peter Oakley, whose YouTube channel geriatric1927 was once the most popular in the world, passed away on March 23.

A message posted on his website askgeriatric.com on Sunday, read: “Peter passed away this morning at 9.30am, he was in no pain. I’ll miss my friend and I’m sure many of you will too. I have no words right now, I just got the news.”

Peter made his debut on the video streaming site in 2006 with a clip entitled First Try, which has now been viewed more than two million times.

The former Second World War radar mechanic posted his final video in February, which ended with the words: “In conclusion, I would say my possibly final goodbye. So goodbye.”

A statement on his website said: “As you may know Peter posted his final video last week on YouTube, many of us hoped this was an error or that he misspoke but it seems this will be his final video.

“Peter has just been transferred to a nursing care facility, he has cancer which is apparently too far advanced for treatment and he is not expected to pull through. Please say prayers and or send positive energy to him and keep him in your thoughts.”

Peter’s channel, which had more than 42,000 subscribers, featured videos about his life today and him reminiscing about stories of times past.

He wrote in his bio: “I might cook a meal or read you a story or tell you what has been happening during the week in which I upload the video. It is kind of like ‘shooting the breeze’ so come in for a chat.”

The widower uploaded 434 videos on topics including his thoughts on the royal baby, his first motorcar and how to cook butternut squash. His signature phrase was “Hello YouTubers”.

The internet sensation was also a member of The Zimmers, the oldest rock band in Britain, whose cover of My Generation reached number 26 in the UK charts in 2007. Originally from Norwich, Peter is survived by a son and a daughter.