You are not the only one let down

In response to Mrs Wright, of Baslow (Mercury letters, November 29), I too was not asked if I wished to change to fortnightly collections.

The councils “new” collection service was launched with much publicity, leaflets through the door, and proclaiming that this service would be super efficient and would save money in the long run.

They would continue with fortnightly collections of green bins (garden waste etc.), change to fornightly collections of grey bins (household waste), weekly collection of food caddies, and finally fortnightly collections of blue bins (cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, tins etc.).

We the householders kept to our bargain, and separated all these items into their correct bins.

To date my green bin has not been emptied for four weeks, my grey bin three weeks, my food caddie two weeks.

I don’t use the blue bin as I use the bins in the Baslow car park at Nether End.

I’ve emailed and phoned the council on numerous occasions, with the promise that they will address the problem asap and raise the non collections as complaints (to who?).

Meanwhile the bins are overflowing, with no sign of them being emptied.

We are now into the second month of this new system, so one would have thought that any “teething” problems should besorted out by now!

I appreciate that the council are using a new contractor, but I would have thought that somebody should have asked if this contractor was familiar with the area, because at the moment they don’t seem to have a clue.

The council has also broken its promise, they state that if there is a late or missed collection, they aim to sort the problem out either the same day or the following day, clearly this is not the case.

The collection day at Nether End (Friday) has come and gone, and Hey! the blue bins have been emptied, but that’s all.

So Mrs Wright, you aren’t the only council tax payer who’s been promised action by the council and been ignored.

C S Johnson

Nether End, Baslow