Young job-seekers must work for benefits

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YOUNG people who have claimed Jobseekers Allowance for more than six months will soon have to take mandatory community work – or risk losing their benefits all together.

The new initiative is being set up to help 18 to 24-year-olds “escape a life on benefits” said Minister for Employment, Mark Hoban.

Andrew Thomas district manager of Derbyshire Jobcentre Plus said: “Our trailblazer will help people develop good working habits, such as turning up to work on time, as well as the right training and experience – something that employers have told us they’re crying out for.”

Youngsters who have been on benefits for more than six months – that have gained little or no work experience – will have to take part in the proposed eight-week programme.

They will be expected to do 30 hours of work for the benefit of their communities and will also receive six hours of intensive job seeking support per week.

The scheme will be mandatory, so anyone refusing to take part without good reason will face losing their benefits.

Minister for Employment, Mark Hoban said: “At the end of the eight weeks it is expected that the jobseekers will be in a better position to come off benefits and get into work. Those jobseekers who don’t complete the eight weeks will have to go back on the programme If they return to Jobseekers Allowance within 26 weeks.”

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